Curse Of The Doll People, The

2343. THE CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE (1960-Mexico). Four men have recently returned to Mexico from a visit to Haiti. They witnessed nearly a dozen jungle rites, than bribed an old man into showing them the way to a taboo meeting in a voodoo temple. One of the men dared to remove a sacred idol from its pedestal. A witch doctor summarily ranted at them, promising death to the entire group. Before the men left Haiti, they learned that their guide to the temple had been mysteriously killed. Despite the witch doctor’s warning, the quartet went home with the idol. They think it is just a souvenir of their adventure. What they do not know is that the idol is the centerpiece of “an old tribal cult which has powers you cannot imagine.” What horrible fate will befall each of them? Find out in this spooky horror film. By the way, watch out for those “midget monsters.” They are parĂ‚ticularly creepy and will have you jumping out of your chair. Dubbed in English. 83 minutes. Horror