Curse Of The Yellow Snake, The

266. THE CURSE OF THE YELLOW SNAKE (1963-Germany). With JOACHIM BERGER, WERNER PETERS. The yellow snake, a priceless artifact of ancient China, carries with it a vicious curse: whoever possesses it on the Day of the Dragon will win any war he begins. In the modern era, that could mean the destruction of the world! This first-rate EDGAR WALLACE mystery-suspense yarn has more twists, turns and venomous surprises than the deadliest cobra. The film’s daredevil hero follows the snake’s winding path from Hong Kong to London, where he comes up against the Fighting Hand-an absolutely fanatical organization dedicated to building China into a force that will rule the world. The Fighting Hand is run by none other than the hero’s half-brother (who also happens to be half- Chinese and all-inscrutable). The two engage in a series of battles for possession of the yellow snake, and for the affecÂtions of a beautiful woman. This continually fascinating drama includes kidnappings, murders, dagger-throwing Orientals lurking almost everywhere, chases along foggy London streets, a mysterious house containing secret passageÂways and tunnels, an ominous hooded man with a missing finger (and he’s one of the good guys!), and a visual style overflowing with atmosphere, odd camera angles and eerie lighting effects. The Day of the Dragon rapidly approaches! Who will win the epic battle over the snake-a battle that could decide the fate of the Earth? Dubbed in English. 98 minutes. Mystery Adventure