Cyclone Cavalier, The

2884. THE CYCLONE CAVALIER (1925-USA). With REED HOWES, CARMELITA GERAGHTY. Ted Clayton is a young and red-blooded all-American male who lives in an “atmosphere of self-created romance.” He fancies himself a daredevil swordsman and adventurer, with his endless pranks and escapades a constant bother to his businessman father. The latter is heavily involved financially in the affaire of Costa Blanca, a Central American country ruled by benevolent President Juan Gonzalez. However, petty uprisings have lately been threatening the stability of Gonzalez’ leadership, and so the senior Clayton dispatches his son south of the border to check on the situation. With a letter of introduction to Presidente Gonzalez in hand, Ted sets sail for Costa Blanca. While aboard ship he develops a crush on a pretty young woman named Rosita, who just so happens to be the Presidente’s niece. Ted also is unaware that the Presidente himself is on board, travelling incognito. Ted gets on the wrong side of the Presidente as he attempts to make the acquaintance of Rosita. He learns of a treacherous secret plan for revolution in Costa Blanca. The film turns into a deftly handled and highly entertaining combination comedy-melodrama-adventure, the highlight of which is the endless and impressive stream of acrobatics performed by stalwart Reed Howes. “Silent” film with music score. 47 minutes. “Silent” Drama