Dancing Pirate

2262. DANCING PIRATE (1936-usa). WITH Charles Collins, frank morgan, Steffi DUNA, JACK LA RUE, THE ROYAL CANSINOS. Multi-talented Charles Collins who had starred on the London and Broadway stage makes a rare screen appearance in this extraordinary musical adventure. With spirited dance numbers, an amusing script and performances by some of the finest character actors in Hollywood, the entertainment here is non-stop. Collins plays a dancing master named Jonathan Pride who teaches a controversial new European dance sensation called the waltz to prim Bostonians in 1820. One evening as he attempts to board a stagecoach to visit his aunt, a gang of pirates shanghais him to complete their ship’s crew. He slaves as the galley boy until the ship rounds Cape Horn and sails up the coast of California, at which point he escapes and enters the small village of Las Palomas. Beloved character actor Frank Morgan offers a sharply funny performance as Las Palomas’ wonderfully comical bumbling leader Don Emilio. Featured in one of the scenes is a male-female dance duo called “The Royal Cansinos.” The male half was Eduardo Cansino, whose daughter Rita was then a young Hollywood starlet. It was soon after the release of this film that her name was changed to Rita Hayworth. This is a black and white print of a film origiÂnally released in color. 84 minutes. Musical