Dangerous Age, A

2162. A DANGEROUS AGE (1957-Canada). With BEN PIAZZA. Watch this generation gap melodrama and you will have a clear understanding of why 1950s teens were rebelling against adult authority. It’s the story of nineteen-year-old David and seventeen-year-old Nancy, two nice people who are ever so young and ever so much in love. Nancy’s parents do not approve of her and David’s relationship, so the lovers run off to elope. David and Nancy still must contend with an adult world that is mostly cynical and hostile. When David asks a post office worker where he might obtain a marriage license, the response is “Wouldn’t settle for a book of them new air mail stamps, wouldn’t you?” Then there is the hard-boiled cop who as the story plays itself out comes on like gangbusters as he endlessly refers to David as “smart boy” and “hot pants.” You would think that David was a juvenile delinquent conspiring to rob Nancy of her virtue or enlist her into white slavery. All he wants to do is marry the girl! The end result is an absorbing curio, which offers endless insight tnto teen-adult relationships 1950s-style. 69 minutes. Teen-age Drama