Dark Jouney

1207. DARK JOURNEY (1937-England). With CONRAD VEIDT, VIVIEN LEIGH, JOAN GARDNER. Here is a taut, spine tingling drama featuring two great stars, one at the beginning Of her illustrious career and the other near the end Of his. Vivien Leigh, the radiant young actress who had been appearing in British films since 1934, starred in this while still a couple Of years away from her “discovery” in Hollywood and her casting as Scarlett O’Hara; ConÂrad Veidt, the German actor whose credits date from 1917, had gone into exile when the Nazis came to power and continued making films in France, England and Hollywood until his death in 1943. The setting Of Dark Journey is Stockholm, at the height Of World War I. Leigh is cast as a charming, chic, independent and mysterious young dress shop owner who’s constantly travelling between countries, supposedly on business. She not only brings with her the latest models Of lingerie and bathrobes; she’s a courier, earring secret codes-but on which side is she really? Enter dapper Veidt, a “baron” and Officer in the German secret service, and the result is a cat-and-mouse drama Of espionage and intrigue thatÕs crammed with surprises at every turn. 76 minutes. Drama