Das Leben Von Adolph Hitler; Life Of Adolph Hitler, The

852. DAS LEBEN VON ADOLF HITLER (The Life Of Adolf Hitler) (1961-Germany). Directed by PAUL ROTHA. Using archival footage from Europe, never seen elsewhere. Startling portraits of the rise of the Nazi Party, the years after the first World War, the hyper inflation of currency, the first still and motion pictures of Hitler, young Goering, Himmler, Goebbels, the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler’s year in jail and the rebuilding of the Party. The story behind the Horst Wessel song, the birth of the Third Reich, the Reichstag Fire, Nazi parades and spectacles, Nazi plans for war and the campaign against the Jews. Hitler’s private life and his early years are shown, the Nazi movement, the 1936 Olympic Games (see “Olympia”, catalogue #600, #601), the invasion of Austria, Chamberlain’s appeasement, Poland and the rest of Europe are invaded, the Blitz, the invasion of Russia and the terrible winter, the Warsaw ghetto and the death camps. The Allied Armies turn the tide of battle, and the last films ever taken of Hitler before his retreat into the Bunker. It’s all here, from the beginning to the end in one of the most valuable, spellbinding, horrible-but-true documents ever filmed. In English. 101 minutes. Documentary