Daughter Of The Tong

2742. DAUGHTER OF THE TONG (1939-USA). With EVELYN BRENT, GRANT WITHERS, RICHARD LOO. During the 1920s and 1930s, territorial law enforcement agencies throughout America were able to adequately cope with small-time criminals. However, the organized racketeer “ruled his kingdom from a position beyond the reach of local governments.” It was for this reason that Uncle Sam created the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. Now, a federal law enforcement agency was empowered to combat any and all powerful criminal organizations. This atmospheric and diverting drama is set in Chinatown, whose elderly residents sit by idly and smoke their ancient pipes as mysterious characters lurk in the shadows and criminal underlings load and unload smuggled merchandise. Onto this scene comes Ralph Dickson, intrepid FBI agent, who is dispatched incognito into the community to get the goods on a major-league smuggling racket. At its head is no Al Capone, but rather a “Mrs. Fu Manchu.” She is known as “The Illustrious One,” and she is a femme fatale who is as merciless as any male gang leader. Despite various plot complications and obstacles placed in Dickson’s path, our fearless hero is determined to see his perilous assignment to its thrilling conclusion. 53 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense