Day The Earth Froze, The

2968. THE DAY THE EARTH FROZE (1959-Russia-Finland) COLOR. Narrated by Marvin Miller. Long ago, there existed a village of peaceful fishermen in the faraway country of Kalevata. The land in which they lived was large and beautiful, blessed with great rivers overflowing with fish and forests filled with tall trees. One of the villagers is Anniky, a gentle and beautiful maiden who passes her days happily wandering in a forest. All of her fellow townsfolk love her dearly and watch over her carefully. However, since coming to womanhood Anniky has stayed by herself and rebuffed the attention of any young man who has thought he could win her love. One fellow she has not yet met is Lemminkainen, a quiet and hardworking woodsman. All the while the villagers remain blissfully unaware that an evil witch named Loukhy is both plotting against them and scheming to make Anniky her prisoner. Loukhy promptly kidnaps Anniky and Lemminkarnen is dispatched to rescue her. Will he be able to save Anniky and the villagers from a fate too cold and horrifying to imagine? Will he be the one to win the love of the fair Anniky? This stunningly filmed fantasy combines breathtaking images of the Finnish countryside and awe-inspiring special effects. The story is based on a Finnish epic poem. Dubbed in English. 68 minutes. Fantasy