Delightfully Dangerous

2185. DELIGHTFULLY DANGEROUS (1945-USA). With JANE POWELL, RALPH BELLAIH, CONSTANCE MOORE, ARTHUR TREACHER, LOUISE BEAVERS. Effervescent teen singing sensation Jane Powell was a natural for the movies, which she proved beyond a doubt in this her second feature film. She stars as Sherry Williams, a precocious fifteen-year-old with the singing voice Of an angel who dreams about one day performing center stage at Carnegie Hall. Sherry’s big sister Jo is paying for her tuition at a boarding school. She believes that Jo is a musical comedy star who when not touring the country is lighting up Broadway. What she does not know is that Jo is actually a stripper who performs under the name “Bubbles Barton” and is admired by all red-blooded American males as ‘the hottest thing in burlesque.” This explains why Jo is an unknown commodity to Arthur Hale, famed producer Of high-toned Broadway extravaganzas. Hale comes to see a recital at Sherry’s school and ends up telling a white lie to get her out Of a jam. Jo meanwhile is bent on keeping Sherry from learning her real prOfessional identity. Hale ends up caught between these two very determined females, and the result is a tune-filled musical concoction filled with bright comic touches. 90 minutes. Music