Demi-Paradise, The; Adventure For Two

1493.THE DEMI-PARADISE (ADVENTURE FOR TWO) (1943-ENGLAND). WITH Laurence Olivier, Penelope DUDLEY WARD. Directed by ANTHONY ASQUITH. Screenplay by ANATOLE DE GRUNWALD. This nearly forgotten Olivier-Asquith de Grunwald collaboration turns out to be a real sleeper: a sparkling comedy-satire- romance in which Sir Laurence once more proves his versatility as an actor. He’s cast as Ivan, a Soviet engineer who’s invented an icebreaker propeller that will enable ships to more effectively navigate the Northern seas. The time is pre-World War II, and Ivan comes to England to have his invention built Even though he finds himself attracted to Ann, granddaughter Of the shipbuilder, Ivan doesn’t exactly fit right in among the British. Nevertheless, his opinion Of the country and its people is sure to change once the war comes, and the English must tenaciously dig in against the enemy-and work to make the propellers success. While the scenario was topical back in 1943, de Grunwald’s script remains timely in that it firmly knocks those who would be intolerant Of the people Of other races or nationalities. An alt-star cast Of British character performers ably support Olivier and Ward, including FEUX AYLMER, JOYCE GRENFEL-and the inimitable MARGARET RUTHERFORD. 112 minutes. Drama