Destination Nightmare

2828. DESTINATION NIGHTMARE (195S-USA). With BORIS KARLOFF, GEORGE HAMILTON. “The story you are about to see will be startling, but it’s based on a true experience, something unexplainable. You know, the world of a teenage girl can be full of wonder and delight-but not always! Sometimes it can become a place of confusion (and) terror.” These words are spoken by none other than Boris Karloff, so you also know you are about to experience a genuinely chilling and shocking tale of the supernatural. Karloff introduces the first of four such stories, with the initial one involving the plight of Ruth Cooper. She is a vivacious fifteen-year-old who suddenly and mysteriously assumes the identity of a long-dead girl while visiting her mother’s small midwestern hometown. Has the spirit of the deceased taken possession of Ruth? Story Number Two tells of a war veteran who owns a fleet of small airplanes that deliver cargo across the European continent. While piloting one of the planes, his son sees what may be best described as a phantom. Then a hypnotic voice orders him to “Look at me. Follow me.” Who is this ghost? Part Three is the tale of two young Indian women. The first had a husband and infant son, and died in August, 1927. The second was born exactly one year and ten days later. From childhood, the latter has known the intimate details of the former’s life. Could she be the reincarnated spirit of the deceased? Story Four is the account of a man who meets a blonde blue-eyed beauty on the road while driving to Boston. He is attracted to her, and asks her to dinner. Out of the blue she acts jumpy, and then inexplicably disappears. Is she real? As Karloff (who also acts in each of the four stories) explains at the conclusion of this truly chilling compilation, “The explanation still lies beyond our present understanding. For how long? Who is to say.” 111 minutes. Horror