Devil Girl From Mars

1772. DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS (1954-England). With PATRICIA LAFFAN, HUGH McDermott, HAZEL COURT. Holy Loch Ness Monster! Here’s conclusive proof that cornball science fiction delights were not produced solely in the United States. A mysterious object has flashed through the sky in the Scottish Highlands, and early reports are that it is only a meteor. This thing is, instead, a spaceship (which at first glance looks like a gigantic revolving Frisbee), and it’s commandeered by the title alien. Her name is Nyah, and she’s a statuesque, black leather-clad Amazon who’s quick on the draw with her ray gun. Nyah is the head of a Martian society, which, after a “war of the sexes,” has come to be dominated by women. She’s arrived on earth in search of perfect male specimens to transport back to the Red Planet for use as husbands. Nyah makes her way to an inn, which is inhabited by a desperate, escaped convict; his former (lame; a young, wide-eyed boy; a chic, aloof lady with an unhappy past; a reporter; and a professor (whose observation upon the spaceship’s landing: “The home office should be informed of this without delay,” is the understatement of this hokum). Oh, yes, lest we forget Nyah’s robot assistant, who’s the spitting image of an overgrown refrigerator! 77 minutes. Science Fiction