Diary Of A Lost Girl

2326. DIARY OF A LOST GIRL (1929-Germany) With LOUISE BROOKS, FRITZ RASP. Directed by G.W. Pabst. Explicit and erotic screen presence are not only found in contemporary _ “R” movies. Witness this shockingly honest and sexually provocative all-time classic drama in which legendary screen personality Louise Brooks offers an unforgettably earthy performance, She stars as Thymiane, bob-haired daughter of a pharmacist. Thymiane experiences her downfall as she endures a seemingly endless series of indignities, beginning with her being seduced by her father’s assistant. Brooks’ mere presence here bestows greatness on the film. She was born to be photographed and she lights up every inch of celluloid in which she appears with an undeniably earthy eroticism. Then there is the direction of G.W. Pabst. It is at once stark and probing as the filmmaker chronicles the plight and fate of his heroine and the characters surrounding her. Pabst was especially interested in the psychology of his characters, and this is ever so apparent as his story unfolds. At the same time he is concerned with examining what might be described as a pessimistic and cynical realism. Pabst explores these attitudes as he exposes the social patterns and conditions which allow for the EXPLOITATION OF HIS HEROINE. “SILENTÓ FILM WITH MUSIC SCORE, 96 MINUTES. ÒSILENTÓ DRAMA