Diplomatic Passport

1832. DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT (1956-Engiand). With marsha hunt, paul carpenter, HENRY OSCAR, HONOR BLACKMAN, MARNE MAITIAND. Ray Andersen, an American diplomat, arrives in London with his wife Of three weeks. No sooner are they Off the plane and into their hotel room than they find themselves pawns at the mercy Of a band Of international jewel smugglers. Anderson is duped into thinking that he’s to immediately set out for Paris for a high-level conference. What follows is a complex series Of events, which first finds the diplomat stranded on an out-Of-the- way French country road. Then, while enjoying high tea in her hotel, Mrs. Andersen comes upon a rather unsettling item in the afternoon newspaper. Its headline: “Diplomat Injured, Wife Killed.” Its copy: “Americans in serious motor accident near Beauvais, France. Mrs. Andersen died Of injuries. Mr. Ray Andersen taken to hospital in serious condition.” The tension mounts as these two innocents find themselves apart and atone, in strange countries where they know not a soul, as they attempt to understand their plight and regain a sense Of normalcy to their lives. 65 minutes. Drama