Don Winslow Of The Navy

705. DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY (1942-USA). 12 Episode Universal Serial. With DON TERRY, WALTER SANDE. It’s the U.S. Navy vs. the vicious “Scorpion”, Scourge of the Pacific…and it looks like the “Scorpion” is getting the better of the fight Calling in Commander Don Winslow, the Navy is determined to put an end to the espionage, sabotage, murder and general mayhem. The ScorÂpion’s hideout is an undersea-cave submarine base on the island of Tangita, site of a new naval base and chemical plant. Will Don Winslow do battle and overcome the mysterious “Scorpion”? Despite occasional lip-synch problems in an early episode, a famous serial, slam-bang filled with wartime acÂtion. 234 minutes. Serial