Dr. Orloff’s Monster

1826. DR. ORLOFF’S MONSTER (1964-SPAIN). WITH Agnes Spaak, Joseph Raven. THE title tells all in this eerie chiller that will delight lovers of movies featuring zombies and mad scienÂtists, creaky castles and damsels-in-distress. Dr. Orloff, an elderly researcher, is dying before his life’s work is done. He wonders if his colleague, a burly, bearded professor, will be able to carry on. The professor is uncertain: while their “creation” survives-it breathes, and “its circulation magÂnetically is perfection”-they have been unable to induce it to move. Orloff reveals to the professor his secret theory, formulated by lengthy observation: by experimenting with ultrasonic sounds, perÂhaps the creature can be induced into movement and action. OrloffÕs theory quickly proves corÂrect. Only problem is, the trusting, well-intentioned doctor does not figure that his colleague, though a genius, is also an arrogant, philandering madman. The creature, called Andros, is now a zombie of classic proportion: a scary figure who involuntarily carries out the professor’s every evil command. The already steamy kettle surely will come to a boil when Melissa, the professor’s inquisitive niece, arrives at his castle for a holiday that will quickly become a vacation in hell. Dubbed into English. 85 minutes. Horror