Dream Of Jeanie, I

2886. I DREAM OF JEANIE (1952-USA). With RAY MIDDLETON, REX ALLEN, LYNN BARI, LOUISE BEAVERS. Directed by ALLAN DWAN. Stephen Foster is one of the most beloved of all 19th-century American composers. The peaks and valleys of his early life and career are charted in this joyous and tune-filled celluloid biography, with the time period in which Foster lived and worked coming gloriously to life. At the outset, young Stephen toils as a bookkeeper in Cincinnati while composing the melodies that are destined to bring him fame. At the same time he is saving his pennies to purchase a ring for Inez McDowell, the young woman with whom he is smitten. Inez is a snob who prefers a more traditional style of music and thinks that Stephen’s compositions are little more than gutter noise. However, her kid sister Jeanie is far more supportive. It is Jeanie who is destined to be the inspiration for the film’s title tune. The essence of this spirited musical romance is summed up when Stephen pointedly declares, “Music is for letting out of you the things you feel but can’t quite say…its the only worthwhile thing I know!” 90 minutes. Biopic