Dreaming Lips

1154. DREAMING LIPS (1937-ENGFAND). WITH Elisabeth Bergner, Raymond Massey, Romney Brent, FELIX AYLMER. Dreaming tips is the lush, romantic title for this lush, romantic drama. Elisabeth Bergner, under the direction Of her husband, Paul Czinner, gives an enchanting performance as the glamorous Gaby, married to Peter (Romney Brent), an orchestra conductor. Gaby is pampered, a woman who adores beautiful clothes and pouts at the slightest hint Of a wrinkle; she observes that “an appointment with a hair dresser is a very serious matter.” One evening Gaby accidently bursts into the dressing room Of Miguel del Vayo (a strikingly young Raymond Massey), world famous violinist. Despite his acclaim, Miguel’s life is one long succession Of rehearsals, concerts, hotels, railÂway stations, trains. He is loo Often alone, and always lonely. He spies Gaby only for a few seconds, but he cannot forget her. He is, Of course, first unaware that she is the wife Of his dear old friend and schoolmateÑPeter! The three get together for a late-night drink, and Peter does not know Of their earlier encounter. When the restless Gaby pays Miguel a visit the following day, she performs a little ditty on his piano. “What is this I’m playing?” she asks. The title on the sheet music is “Fingering Exercises.* “You don’t want to play?” she asks himÑand she is not necessarily referring to his violin. Dreaming Lips is an urbane, witty, sophisticated, and ultimately, tragic-tale Of illicit romance, the kind they simply no longer make. 69 minutes. Drama