Drums Of Jeopardy, The

2041. THE DRUMS Of JEOPARDY (1931-usa). With warner oland, june collyer, MISCHA AUER. The name Of this melodrama’s main character is guaranteed to spark your curiosity. It is Boris Karlov; the film was made just prior to the coming to stardom Of a then obscure actor named Boris KarlOff. Warner Oland is effectively creepy as Karlov, a doctor-scientist in Czarist Russia. Karlov’s beloved daughter is a dancer in the Royal Ballet. As the film opens she has attemptÂed suicide and is about to die. “Father mustn’t know what happened to me,” she exclaims. It seems that her affections had been toyed with by sniveling Prince Gregor Petrov. Gregor is a son Of Czarist nobility. He had presented the girl with the legendary Petrov necklace, a gem-laden heirloom which is known to have secret and deadly powers. The grieving Karlov is instantaneously transformed into a madman. The necklace comes into his possession and he is determined to use its powers as he swears vengeance on the entire Petrov clan. One Of his intended victims is the prince’s innocent brother Nicholas, a handsome and carefree young rascal whose life summarily becomes a living hell. 65 minutes. Melodrama