Eagle, The

884. THE EAGLE (1925-usa). WITH Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Banky, Louise Dresser. Music score by MICHAEL HOFFMAN. Based on a story by ALEXANDER PUSHKIN. The next-to-last film made by Valentino before his untimely death at the age of 31. The exciting story of young Vladimir Doubrovski, lieuÂtenant in the service of the Czarina of old Russia. Spurning the amorous advances of the elderly Monarch, Doubrovski deserts his regiment lo return lo his father’s estates, only to find that they have been stolen by the evil KyrilJa. When his father dies in poverty, Doubrovski swears revenge and becomes the masked “Black Eagle”, determined to murder the foul Kyrilla and regain his inheritance. Disguised as a foppish French tutor, Doubrovski gains entry to Kyrilla’s court to do him in. Alas, Kyrilla’s daughter is most beautiful and the old man himself is a likable sort of villain. Killing the old boy isn’t going to be easy. In fact, the Black Eagle beÂcomes Kyrilla’s bodyguard, to protect him from … the Black Eagle! A well-orchestrated Hollywood happy ending and a synchronized music score (drawing heavily on Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, and other Russian composers) make for a delightful costumed-hero ramp. Despite the carping few who declared he couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, Valentino comes off well in the part. His trademarked hair style reminds one of the days of pomade and bear-grease. This is almost the last loving look at the Hollywood matinee idol who wrote the book on heartbreak. The Black Eagle rides again! Silent film with synchronized music score, correct projection speed. 74 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Adventure