Edgar Bergen And Charlie McCarthy

3080. EDGAR BERGEN and CHARLIE McCARTHY (November 23, 1950, April 27, 1951-USA) CBS-TV net. Although Edgar Bergen and his wooden pals were favorites on radio since 1936, Bergen’s first television appearance wasn’t until 1946. These two “specials” are his earliest known surviving telecasts and are fine examples of Edgar’s humor.
1. EDGAR BERGEN and CHARLIE McCARTHY (November 23, 1950). A Thanksgiving special sponsored by Coca Cola. Edgar tells Charlie the pilgrim story of Miles Standish and his love for Priscilla. The cast travels back in time 300 years to Salem, Massachusetts, where Bergen and McCarthy have been accused of witchcraft. Regulars PAT PATRICK, RAY NOBLE, JIM BACKUS and THE MELOMEN appear, as does Mortimer Snerd and a new full-sized vent figure; Podine Puffinglon. She’s a full-sized southern gal who even dances with Bergen!
2. EDGAR BERGEN and CHARLIE McCARTHY (April 27, 1951). Sponsored by Coca Cola. Edgar, Charlie and Mortimer are out west spending the night in the abandoned hotel of a ghost town. Ray Noble is joined by DOROTHY KIRSTEN (making her television debut) and Effie Clinker in a dream sequence about Jesse James and the old west. Bergen introduces a new vent figure called “Buster.”
59 minutes total. TV Comedy