Edgar Kennedy Slowly Burns

1. MOTHER-IN-LAW’S DAY (1945-USA). With EDGAR KENNEDY. If you have ever had conflict with your mother-in-law, you will appreciate this nifty burlesque featuring the fabled master of the slow bum. Edgar is saddled with a shrew of a wife, a worthless goldbrick of a brother-in-law and a mother-in-law who may as well be Dracula’s sister. Add to the stew Edgar’s boss and a little white lie and watch the fun begin.
2. CONTEST CRAZY (1948-USA). With EDGAR KENNEDY. Edgar’s family has entered a contest sponsored by radio’s Ruff-Ruff Dog Food. The winner will walk away with a $10,000 prize and guess what! The winner is announced as Mrs. Edgar Kennedy! The only problem is, Edgar’s boss has just bought out another company and made Edgar its new shipping department head. That firm is the Rough Rough Dog Food Company, and so Mrs. K. will not get her prize. Edgar’s relations conspire to get him fired so that they may salvage their winnings.
3. HEART BURN (1942-USA). With EDGAR KENNEDY, DARRYL HICKMAN. Edgar is a henpecked husband who works all day and helps with the housework in the evening. His new neighbor used to suffer a similar fate, which he claims to have changed by employing “psycho-suggestion” on his wife. Do you suppose that poor Edgar could use psychoanalysis too? Stay tuned.
4. I’LL BUILD IT MYSELF (1946-USA). With EDGAR KENNEDY, JASON ROBARDS, SR. Edgar’s family wants to add a room to his house. Edgar has been resisting this move because of the cost. “If there’s any building to do around here I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself,” he brags. The silliness commences when Edgar and his clan enter the construction business. 67 minutes total, Comedy