Elizabeth Of Ladymead

2052. ELIZABETH Of LADYMEAD (1948-england). WITH anna neagle, hugh williams, bernard lee. Directed and produced by herbert WILCOX. The scenario Of this intimate and heartfelt four-part drama stretches across a century, it is at once a narrative Of how the past shapes the future, and more specifically “a changing but ever unchanging the tale Of the girl he left behind.” Ladymead is the name Of the estate in which the film’s four heroines reside. They all are named Elizabeth and each is played by Anna Neagle, one Of England’s all-time favorite movie actresses; the film was produced and directed by her husband, Herbert Wilcox, who had guided her career. Each Elizabeth greets a soldier-husband arriving home from a war which impacted upon the lives Of those who lived during its time. All Of the males expect to find everything just as it was when they left. In some ways things have stayed the same. In other ways things prove to be quite different. The final episode depicted is set after World War I and proves to be the most startling and controversial given the framework Of all Of the preceding ones. Altogether the four make up an affecting story Of reunions, dreams and hopes realized and unrealized and the difficulties and comÂplexities inherent in “readjusting to the present.” The point is that a war Of survival is fought not only on the battlefield but on the home front. At the same time the film Jakes on a decidedly feminist perspective as it traces the specific situation Of each Elizabeth and the manner in which she asserts her individuality. Collectively they have “mind and ambitions which extend beyond the kitchen and the drawing room.” This is a black and white print Of a film originally released in color. 95 minutes Drama