473. EVERGREEN (1934-England). With jessie matthews, sonnie hale, BETTY Belfour barry mackay. Back in the 1930’s, great musicals were not only being produced in Hollywood London-born Jessie Matthews, beloved star Of stage arid screen (who was fondly nicknamed ÒThe Dancing Divinity”), heads the cast Of this clever, charming musical comedy-romance. It’s the story Of Harriet Green, a famous British music hall singer-comedienne. The time is pre-World War I London and “Our Harriet” is giving her farewell performance before retiring to marry a marquis. She tells his appreciative public, “I would never like to grow old before your eyes”: words which will prove to be most prophetic. After the performance, Harriet is called away by her former lover-and the father Of her illegitimate daughterÑwho attempts to blackmail her. The frantic star runs Off alone to South Africa leaving her child in the care Of a devoted assistant. A couple Of decades pass: one afternoon in a casting Office, Harriet’s former understudy recognizes an unemployed young chorus girl. She is the star’s now grown daughter, whom the understudy and an overzealous publicist decide to make the centerpiece Of a stunt. They scheme to pass Off the daughter as the mother. Soon, they are announcing the “return Of Harriet Green, “the star who will never grow old.” The film is highlighted by some dazzling production numbers, amusing comic puns and double entendres and, finally, the allure Of its stars Matthews shines as both Harriets: roles she created on the London stage. Additionally, this is the fir British film ever to open at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. 94 minutes. Music Comedy