Evidence Of Power

2778. EVIDENCE OF POWER (1979-USA) COLOR. With ALAN HALE, GORDON JUMP. Here is a spine-tingling mystery which examines the possibility of a dark underbelly of evil in a typically quiet and outwardly peaceful all-American small town. When criminology student Tom Richardson returns home to Hyland for the summer break, he is shocked to learn of a series of horrible deaths and mutilations. Before his arrival, Miss Peterson was found butchered by a pair of power shears. Then old man Michaels is strangled with the chain of a chainsaw. Are these incidents savage murders or simply terrible accidents? Tom’s father Paul is the town’s Chief of Police, and he believes they merely are a string of unfortunate coincidences. However, even more butchering occurs and Tom’s initial shock soon turns to outrage as he sees that Paul is closing his eyes to solving what he thinks are gruesome crimes. Father and son are destined to clash as young Tom sets out to uncover the identity of what he has come to believe is an insane serial killer. The truth will come out in this dynamite drama, because a town the size of Hyland is too small to hide secrets…no matter how deadly they may be. CAUTION: our print has marginal visual quality. 92 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense