Eye Witness

1940. EYE WITNESS (Your Witness) (1950-£ngland). With Robert Montgomery, FELIX AYLMER, LESLIE BANKS. Directed by ROBERT MONTGOMERY. After service in World War II, actor Robert Montgomery came back to Hollywood as a director as well as a performer. He was to go on to direct for the stage, screen and television, and he made this wry, entertaining drama in England. Montgomery also stars as Adam Heyward, a brilliant, busy New York lawyer noted for getÂting right to the point in his relentless quest for the truth. He receives an urgent telegram from rural England, informing him that Sam Baxter, an old friend, is on trial for murdering a business partner. Actually, Baxter is much more than a pal. He and Heyward served together in the war and spent several weeks behind enemy lines, at which time Baxter saved Heyward’s life. The lawyer heads to England to conduct an investigation, and promptly finds himself confronted by several obstacles. First, he must deal with various persnickety, uncooperative small-town types. Next, he will have to learn that the American colloquialisms that are so much a part of his vocabulary are completely unfathomable to the British. Finally, and most importantly, he will have to familiarize himself with the British legal system; British courtrooms, for example, are far more formal than their American counterparts. Heyward begins snooping around, in an attempt to piece together the crime. Pretty soon, the signs start pointing in some very unusual and unexpected directions. Caution: the sound track contains some distortion. 93 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense