Eyes Of Texas

2666. EYES OF TEXAS (1948-USA). With ROY ROGERS, TRIGGER, LYNNE ROBERTS, ANDY DEVINE, THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS. Everybody loves singing cowboy Roy Rogers, and he’s at his straight-shooting best in this thrill-packed Western drama. The story opens at Camp Cameron, a camp for boys whose fathers “gave the supreme sacrifice for love of country” during the recently ended World War. Here, youngsters play ball and ride horses and fill their bellies with solid, healthy food. The camp is operated by generous and lovable old Thad Cameron, whose nephew Frank supposedly had died in the war. Happily, word arrives that Frank is alive and well! Thad hopes that Frank will come home and operate the camp. He also alters his will, leaving half of his estate to the camp and the other half to his nephew. The plot thickens as Thad is attacked and killed by a quartet of savage “wolves” (which actually are specially trained dogs) while riding into town. As United States Marshal Roy Rogers arrives on the scene to investigate Thad’s death, the deceased’s attorney announces that ALL of Thad’s estate has been left to the still-absent Frank. It will be up to Roy to devise a clever scheme to sort out the mess and right the wrongs being perpetrated against the memory of Thad Cameron and the boys of Camp Cameron. Andy Devine is perfectly cast (and is loads of fun) as Dr. Cookie Bullfincher, Roy’s comically rotund pal. Caution: This is a black-and-white print of a film originally released in color. 70 minutes. Western