2347. FABIOLA (1948-France-ltaly). With MICHELE MORGAN, MICHEL SIMON, HENRI VIDAL This sprawling epic is without doubt a classic of its kind. Its vast popularity was to pave the way for the production of countless other, similar period spectacles. The setting is the 4th Century, a time in which Rome ruled the word. Christianity was then a new and radical religion, and Christians found themselves persecuted and oppressed. Beloved French character star Michel Simon dominates every scene he is in as the aging and influential Fabius Severus, one of the empire’s richest men. Fabius is a forward-thinking fellow who favors accepting the “new religion” of Christianity and abolishing slavery. Fabius is the father of Fabiola (played with just the right touch of icy sensuality by Michelle Morgan), a spoiled and arrogant beauty who is intrigued by a stalwart young Christian gladiator named Rhual. The result is a larger-than-life drama of political intrigue and deep emotion, lust for power and heroism, featuring love scenes that are at once sensuous and intimate and fight scenes that are nothing short of stirring. Dubbed in English. 97 minutes. Sword and Sandal