Facts Of Love, The

1920. THE FACTS Of LOVE (29 Acacia Avenue) (1945-England). With GORDON harker, jimmy hanley, betty balfour. Produced by sydney box. Screenplay by muriel and sydney box. In the immediate post-World War II years, the producing-screenwriting-directing team Of Muriel and Sydney Box created some Of England’s most memorable motion pictures. While far from their best-known film, this knowing, entertaining comic farce is nonetheless a very special treat. It tells Of the various familial upheavals in the lives Of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, a typical middle- class, middle-aged British couple. The Robinsons Mediterranean holiday is disrupted when their attractive daughter becomes engaged, and they fear that she and her beloved will not wait for their wedding night before enjoying marital bliss. Meanwhile, their impressionable son’s relationship with a sweet country girl is jeopardized when he meets, and becomes smitten with, someone who is a far less appropriate love match: a chic, predatory, very married older woman. The concerns and probÂlems Of the Robinson clan may have seemed trivial when contrasted to those Of their fellow citizens who had suffered and lost during the just-concluded war. However, the film served as a reminder that normalcy had, at long last, returned to jolly old England. 81 minutes. Comedy