1995. FANNY (1932-France). With RAIMU, PIERRE FRESNAY, CHARPIN, ORANE DEMAZIS. Scripted and produced by MARCEL PAGNOL. The indelible stamp of the legendary writer-producer-director Marcel Pagnol may be found on this exceptional, spirited arid profoundly human comedy-drama. The setting is the bustling French port city of Marseilles. Marius has his lover Fanny in a family way. Unaware of her condition, he goes off to sea. In the meantime she is propelled into a marriage with the wealthy, elderly widÂower Panisse. What will happen when Marius reappears to demand his fatherly right? All of these characters are brilliantly played by a stellar cast of French stars. Fresnay is one of his country’s most renowned stage and screen actors, and he offers a meticulous performance as Marius. Demazis, whom Pagnol later married in real life, is properly compassionate as Fanny. Charpin gives a sharply etched performance as Panisse. Notwithstanding, the acting honors go to the distinguished character actor Raimu. He plays Marius’ father Cesar, the operator of a waterfront bar and a personality who is at the heart of the story. Cesar is deeply immersed in the lives and fates of all around him. This character is at once humorous and poignant, and Raimu instills within him just the right touch of broadness and vulnerability. It is for good reason that this has long been a staple on critics’ lists of all-time great films. In French with English subtitles. 126 minutes. Drama