Fantastic Planet

722. FANTASTIC PLANET (1973-France, Czechoslovakia). COLOR. Directed by RENE LALOUX. A full length animated fantasy, set on the planet Of the Draags in a far solar system. Using mind-boggling imagery, vivid colors and music that could only be called “Gallic Avant Garde.” the story unfolds about the “Revolt Of the Oms.” Oms are descendants Of the survivors Of the planet Earth who are kept as pets by a much larger race – the Draags. Tiva, a child Of the Draags, gets a baby Om he names Ter. When the Oms try to escape extermination, a bloody battle follows, revealing the strange secret Of the Draags. With incredible creatures and plants. “Fantastic Planer is a film that has captured the imaginations Of lovers Of fantasy around the world. Winner Of a special Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival (1973) and highly recommended. In English. 68 minutes. Animated Fantasy