Fat Spy, The

2641. THE FAT SPY (1966-USA) COLOR. With PHYLLJS DILLER, JACK E. LEONARD, BRIAN DONLEVY, JOHNNY TILLOTSON, JAYNE MANSFIELD, JORDAN CHRISTOPHER. Bizarre does not begin to describe this, at once zany and deliriously nonsensical, spoof that is an intriguing time capsule of its era. The scenario involves some typical pre-hippie 1960’s teenagers who head out to an island for their annual treasure hunt. As one of them notes, “We’re just normal, decent, clean-cut American kids.” These bathing suit-clad youngsters are constantly dancing and singing up a storm (which explains the presence in the cast of pop singers Johnny Tillotson and Jordan Christopher). Plus, two of the more sweetly amorous ones are even named “Frankie” and “Nanette”! Their otherwise innocent expedilion bothers a diverse group of adults. The first is stuffy old Mr. Wellington. “Whoever these teenagers are, I want them driven back into the sea,” he declares. “Use force if necessary.” Two of his confederates are ideally suited to complete the job. The first is “Junior,” Wellington’s sexpot offspring (played by curvaceous Jayne Mansfield). The second is the title character. His name is Irving. His look- alike brother Herman is also an employee of Mr. Wellington. Both are played by corpulent comedian Jack E. Leonard, who spouts nonstop one-liners. Phyllis Diller hams it up unmercifully in the role of Camilla Salamander, who is vying with Wellington to discover Ponce de Leon’s famed “fountain of youth.” Don’t bother to ask how this relates to the kids and the island. Just sit back and allow yourself to be enveloped by this film’s sheer unadulterated silliness. 83 minutes. Comedy