First Spaceship On Venus

2181. FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS (1960-Germany-Poland). COLOR. This tense and terÂrifying science fiction fantasy is set in what was then the not-too-distant future: 1985! It opens with the discovery of a strange rock during the irrigation of the Gobi Desert. This rock is extraterrestrial in origin and somehow connected to a giant meteor that landed in Siberia in 1908. Professor Harringway, renowned American nuclear physicist, makes a startling pronouncement: the meteor actually was a spaceship from another planet, which exploded in the air before landing. He believes that the spaceship was launched from within our solar system and that its origin could only have been the planet Venus. A party is sent into space on an exploratory mission. Among those on board are Harringway; a Soviet nuclear physicist; a Chinese linguist-biologist; an Indian mathematician; a French engineer; an American pilot; and the sole woman, a Japanese physician who had previously been romantically involved with the pilot. What they encounter in their journey is sure to prove fasÂcinating and horrifying. The film features Grade-A special effects and production design. You’ll love the description of the “world’s largest computer” 1980’s-style. Who would have known that comÂputers would get smaller rather than bigger! There’s a cute robot that could have been an inspiration to George Lucas, as well as a fascinating variation of what we know today as CNN. Dubbed into English. 79 minutes. Science Fiction