Flask Of Fields, A

515. A FLASK Of FIELDS (1930-1933-USA). Godfrey Daniels! Here are a trio Of classic two-reeler starring the one, the only, the forever-inebriated W.C. FIELDS.
1. THE GOLF SPECIALIST (1930). With W. C. FIELDS. In his first talkie short, W.C. is in Florida and finds himself teaching a lovely lady the game Of golf. This was one Of the comedian’s most famous stage routines, recreated here in all its hilarity.
2. THE FATAL GLASS Of BEER (1933). With W.C. FIELDS. Scripted by FIELDS. W.C. in the frozen north He’s cast as Whiplash Snavely: count how many limes he utters, “Ain’t a fit night out for man no beast!” – and is pelted in the kisser with artificial snow.
3. THE DENTIST (1932). With W.C FIELDS, BABE KANE. Scripted by FIELDS. Dr. Fields, in ill humor after a disastrous game Of golf, is ready to lake on patients with toothaches – and woe be unto them Fields’ double entendres and physical assault on a pretty woman patient were quite risquŽ – and, as the years passed, were deleted from many prims. This is the original uncensored version. 61 minutes total. Note: these films also appear as cat. #2870. Comedy