Flying Deuces

501. FLYING DEUCES (1939-USA). With STAN LAUREL and OLIVER HARDY, JEAN PARKER, REGINALD GARDINER, CHARLES MIDDLETON, JAMES FINLAYSON. HARRY LANGDON contributed to the screenplay. Stan and Ollie join the Foreign Legion “to forget” Ollie’s Parisian romance. Don’t miss the scene where the distraught Ollie decides to “end it all” by jumping into the Siene. That’s just at the beginning Of the film: what follows is a typiÂcally zany, funny romp which showcases Laurel and Hardy’s inimitable comic skills. There is no suicide, Of course, and the boys find themselves as legionnaires. The army will never be the same again, as Laurel and Hardy quickly show that they are not the most competent and disciplined Of soldiers. They pile misdeed upon misdeed; one Of the many comic highÂlights is a chase sequence in which the entire Foreign Legion is after the boys-ending in the wildest airplane ride since the Wright Brothers. Laurel and Hardy at their best! 69 minutes. Laurel and Hardy