For Auld Lang Syne: The Marx Brothers

1021. FOR AULD LANG SYNE-THE MARX BROTHERS! (1936, 1947, 1949-USA. France). Fabulous entertainment from the thirties. The cast list alone tells the story: The Marx Brothers, Jacques Tati, Harry Langdon, James Cagney, Benny Goodman, Dick Powell, Paul Muni and many more!
1. MONKEY BUSINESS SPECIAL (1932-USA). With GROUCHO, HARPO, CHICO and ZEPPO MARX. An extensive, classic routine, complete with rhyming dialogue and rowdy slapstick. The zany brothers turn an agent’s Office into bedlam. Each does a Maurice Chevalier impression (pretty badly); Harpo hooks his leg over Chico’s arm, then milks an inflated glove; and everyone talks at once amidst ringing phones and telegram deliveries. Mad humor in the wildest Marx Brothers style. Made for theatre owners, this rare footage has never before been released!
2. GAI DIMANCHE (Jolly Sunday) (1935-France). The legendary JACQUES TATI, years before his triumphs as Mr. Hulot, teams with the comic RHUM (which means “rum”) in a charming film that’s as effervescent as champagne. The pair buy a large car (with money they’ve picked from the dealer’s pocket), and turn it into a tour bus. Escorting an odd assortment Of characters into the country, they experience one disaster after another the hero gets stuck, doors refuse to stay closed, a continually turning road marker misdirects them into trees, and there’s no food at an inn, the group has to chase after chickens. The trip ends in the middle Of a railroad crossing with a train rapidly approaching! Filled with surrealistic touches, this is a fascinating preview Of Tati’s subsequent masterpieces. In French with no subtitles, but very few are realty necessary: with a genius tike Tati, comedy is a universal language.
3. HOOKS AND JABS (1933-USA), With HARRY LANGDON, VERNON DENT, Poor Harry. The baby-faced fellow immediately gets into trouble when he orders a glass Of milk in a seedy bar. One roughneck steals his money, and buys’ everyone a beer, and somehow Harry ends up owing the bartender more money. Put to work sweeping the floor in the next room, Harry finds himself in a boxing ring! Through pure accident, ho knocks out his brutish opponent, then proceeds to take on everyone in the bar. The finale includes an epic battle and wild chase. Maybe they should never have repealed Prohibition!
4. FOR AULD LANG SYNE (1937-USA). Warner Brothers produced this tribute to Will Rogers, “who typified the best qualities in America.Ó M.C. JAMES CAGNEY introduces celebrities arriving at a benefit for the Will Rogers Memorial Hospital: HUGH HERBERT, HUMPHREY BOG ART, JOHN BABRYMORE, BETTE DAVIS, GEORGE JESSEL, HAL WALLIS, LOUISE FAZENDA, BASIL RATHBONE, MARIE WILSON, FREDDIE BARTHOLOMEW, PAUL MUNI, ERROL FLYNN and LIU DAMITA. On stage, RUDY VALLEE introduces a number by BENNY GOODMAN and his band (featuring LIONEL HAMPTON, HARRY JAMES, and GENE KRUPA), DICK POWELL sings ‘Ride Tenderfoot Ride,” and DONALD CRISP introduces PAUL MUNI, who speaks about the newly-organized Will Rogers Foundation, to which the movie theatre audience is asked to contribute, (a practice still going strong after 50 years!) A sentimental, star-studded homage to one Of America’s most beloved personalities! 46 minutes total. Comedy/Music Shorts