Four Deuces, The

2640. THE FOUR DEUCES (1975-USA) COLOR. With JACK PALANCE, CAROL LYNLEY, WARREN BERLINGER, ADAM ROARKE, MARTIN KOVE. Prohibition may have been a dry period for drinkers, but this notorious era certainly has sparked a wide array of thrilling gangster adventure films. Here is one of them, an action-packed comedy-drama that bubbles like French champagne. Vic Morono (played to perfection by Jack Palance) is a Damon Runyon-style mob boss who heads a gang of thugs known as The Four Deuces. The Four Deuces also is the name of the nightspot he owns. There, he spends his evenings romancing sizzling society bombshell Wendy Rittenhouse and cuddling with savory songbird Lory Rogers. Vic’s arch nemesis is Chico Hamilton, proprietor of The High Hat club. When Vic ambushes a truckload of Canadian hooch that belongs to hrs rival, Chico retaliates by shooting up The Four Deuces Club. As the two crime bosses lay their cards on the table at an outlandish “peace conference,” a pyromaniac member of the Deuces turns The High Hat Club into a roaring inferno. That’s when Chico pulls a trump card from the bottom of his dastardly deck of tricks Ñ and Deuces are wild! The rock ’em, sock ’em adventures of these eccentric and entertaining gangsters will leave you pining for the dry, but never dreary days of Prohibition. 85 minutes Comedy Gangster Drama