Four Star Revue

1440. FOUR STAR REVUE (January 10,1951-USA). NBC-TV. Sponsored by Motorola TV, Pet Milk. With ED WYNN, GEORGIA GIBBS, EDDIE CANTOR. The bad news is that it’s not complete. The good news is that what remains is so typically early TV, it’s well worth your time. This pioneering series began only three months previously, and featured 4 rotating comedian/hosts (the others were JIMMY DURANTE, JACK CARSON and DANNY THOMAS). Ed runs a French restaurant, demonstrates his lie detector, stars in an elborate Motorola commercial and does a fine routine with guest Eddie Cantor. Add the usual magicians, acrobats, apache dancers, pretty girls and stooges and you have a typical visit with The Perfect Fool,” perfect for early network TV! 47 minutes. Live-Television Comedy