Free To Love

2851. FREE TO LOVE (1925-USA). With CLARA BOW. This exciting romantic melodrama begins with a jolt. Its spotlight is on Marie Anthony, and she is one angry young woman. She storms into the mansion of an elderly judge and reminds him that she is “the orphan you sentenced to the reformatory two years ago.” She adds, “I was innocent and you should have known it. Now you’re going to pay!” With that, Marie produces a gun. She aims it at the judge. However, she cannot pull the trigger. Despite her outrage, Marie is no killer. The judge tells Marie that by coincidence he has just learned of her innocence. He wants to make amends and offers to take Marie into his home and provide for her future as his ward. What a stroke of luck for this ill-starred kid! Now she quite literally becomes a “new girl”Ña society girl. As the story progresses you will come to see exactly how Marie is affected by her new lifestyle. More to the point, will she in fact be “free lo love”? Will she find romance and happiness, or additional heartache as her past comes to haunt her? Two other males are among the characters who get to play key roles in the story. One is best described as a cad. The other is nothing short of a saint! Sexy Clara Bow not only shines as Marie, but shows exactly why she soon was to be dubbed the “It” girl and become one of the most popular sex goddesses of the 1920s. “Silent” film with music score. 49 minutes. “Silent” Drama