Frozen Limits, The

2732. THE FROZEN LIMITS (1939-England). With THE CRAZY GANG. The classic English music hall triumphantly makes its way to the movie screen in this delightful and veddy British burlesque of American western movies. The stars are the aptly-named The Crazy Gang, a zany comedy team comprised of three music hall double acts (FLANAGAN & ALLEN, NERVO & KNOX, NALFGHTON & GOLD). They are cast as The Six Wonder Boys, carnival entertainers whose song-and-dance act has lately been falling flat, They read in a newspaper that gold has been discovered in Red Gulch, a once-small town in the Yukon territory which has becomc a teeming metropolis where money flows like water. Never mind that the paper is 40 years old! In order to pump some excitement into their lives (not to mention stave off starvation), they set out on a 6,000-mile journey to the frozen north. Once there, they are fated to be hit by various hilarious surprises. They cross paths with Tex O’Brien, a stalwart trapper-hero; and Jill, a sweet damsel who looks after Tom Tiddler, her old-codger grandfather who has hidden away a top- secret gold mine. Plus, they get to tangle with Indians and claim-jumpers and various other varmints. One of the jokes of the film is, that despite the setting, all of the characters the Wonder Boys meet manage to have British accents! Also, scattered throughout are fast-paced patter and funny comedy routines, resulting in an appealing comic concoction. 84 minutes. Comedy