Galloping Ghost, The

1580.THE GALLOPING GHOST (1931-USA). 12 Episode Mascot Serial. With “RED” GRANGE, DOROTHY GULLIVER, FRANCIS BUSHMAN, JR., STEPIN FETCHIT. Harold “Red” Grange, “The Galloping Ghost,” was one of the most famous football stars of his era. Back in the 1920s, he was everybody’s hero, and he plays himself in this fast-paced, action-packed serial. It seems that Red’s teammate/roommate, Buddy Courtland, is secretly wed to a money-hungry floozie; he’s accepted cash from some mysterious gamblers to throw a game, Red attempts to protect his pal, and quickly finds himself accused of taking the bribe, and beating up his teammate. Before he can clear Grange, Courtland is kidnappedÑand loses his memory. Red is summarily kicked off the team, and expelled from college. While attempting to bring the various villains to justice. Red finds himself hanging by his fingertips from airplanes in Highland employing his fists in fight after fight; he’s smack in the middle of high-speed car, motor- boat and motorcycle chases, and is even accused of murder. If Grange is about a decade too old to be playing a college student, and if his acting poses no threat to Laurence Olivier, his physical exploits both off and on the gridÂiron certainty are authentic and impressive. 219 minutes. Serial