Gammera The Invincible

2271. GAMMERA THE INVINCIBLE (1966-Japan-USA). With Brian Donlevy, Albert DEKKER. A much-publicized scientific expedition has set out on a ship heading across the frozen north. The expedition’s zoologist and a couple of companions leave the ship and approach a remote Eskimo village. As they do they notice a most unusual sight: Russian jets flying overhead. Next an American military outpost in Alaska receives word that four UFOs are headed in the direction of American missile sites. Are those jets in fact Soviet in origin, or are they from another world? After conferring with the President, a Red Alert is issued. U.S. Air force planes attempt to intercept the jets. One of them ends up being shot down, causing a nuclear explosion within striking distance of the Eskimo hamlet. From a huge crack in the ice emerges a hideous prehistoric monster. This gigantic fire-spewing turtle is estimated to be between 150 and 200 feet tall. Its cell structure is deterÂmined to radically differ from all known life forms. Quickly, it destroys the zoologist’s ship and sets out on a bloody rampage. No weapon seems to be able to stop it, not even atomic power. Before its work is done this monster (which comes to be known as the Giant Turtle Gammera) is sure to scare the wits out of every citizen on earth and every viewer of this deft combination horror-science ficÂtion melodrama. English language/dubbed into English. 86 minutes. Science Fiction