Gangster Film Begins, The

2124. THE GANGSTER FILM BEGINS (1912-1915-USA). The first “gangster” film is generÂally considered to be “The Musketeers of Pig Alley” (see cat. #1470), but there’s at least one earlier (“The Narrow Road” was released three months before “Pig Alley” and featured Elmer Booth as the lead in both films!).
1. THE NARROW ROAD (1912-USA). With ELMER BOOTH, MARY P1CKFORD. Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. An ex-convict is tempted to return to his old ways. Can his faithful wife keep him on “the narrow road?” A one reel film.
2. ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE (1915-USA). A TINTED PRINT. With ROBERT WARWICK, ROBERT CUMMINCS. Directed by MAURICE TOURNEUR. A gentleman by day, a burglar by night. Tourneur’s ultra-realistic style can easily be seen in the sordid streets and startlingly harsh interiors of Sing-Sing prison. A fascinating early look at the underworld, far different than “The Narrow Road!” “Silent” films with original organ score. 82 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Drama