Ghost Of Rashmon Hall, The

2388. THE GHOST OF RASHMON HALL (Night Comes Too Soon) (1947- England). With VALENTINE DYALL. Here is a convincingly macabre “ghost story” which serves as proof that the British are as equally adept as their American movie making counterparts at fashionÂing chillers set in haunted houses. This particular tale features a group of guests who have come together and just heard a ghost fable. Almost everyone agrees that apparitions aren’t real. So the guests lightly discuss the manner in which they have been affected by the story. However, a man in the party remarks that he once saw a real spook. The others are curious, and query as to which dwelling this “remarkable experience” occurred. “This one” is the horrifying response. The guests then become privy to a vividly eerie tale, narrated by the mysterious Dr. Clinton, in which it is explained how the man and his wife came to move into the house. Upon their settling in, teleÂphones mysteriously began ringing. Strange shadows began appearing throughout the house as dark clouds scurried across the night sky. Doors began opening and shutting. Strange visions began appearing. Creepy sounds began permeating the house. Is there truly a ghost in Rashmon Hall? What dark secrets are locked up within its walls? You will find all this out as this hair-raising chiller winds down to a positively unworldly climax. Jolly good! 49 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense