Ghost Patrol

2291. GHOST PATROL (1936-usa). With Tim McCoy, Claudia Dell, Wheeler Oakman. The wild and woolly West comes in contact with modern technology in this intriguing action- adventure featuring veteran cowboy star Tim McCoy. Mail planes have lately been mysteriously crashing near the Shiloh Mountains. Special federal agent Tim Caverly has been assigned to investigate. It seems that a gang of cutthroat thieves has been inducing the planes to crash by employing an electronic ray, which knocks out the aircraft’s engines. Caverly pilots one of the planes, which meets the same fate. As a result, over one-half million dollars worth of bonds is claimed by the robbers. Caverly may have lost Round One, but you know he will not be deterred. He goes undercover as Tim Toomey, a notorious criminal. In his guise as Toomey he will attempt to infiltrate the gang, Also entering the picture is Natalie Brent, whose professor father had invented the ray and that promptly disappeared. Natalie senses that her dad is being held captive in the ghost town of Shiloh and heads there to seek him out. All of this leads to a highly eventful and entertaining drama. 57 minutes. Science Fiction Western