Ghost Walks, The

2290. THE GHOST WALKS (1934-USA). With JOHN MILJAN, JUNE COLLYER. Three men ride in a car on a cold and rainy night. They are dashing playwright Prescott Ames, impatient theatrical producer Herman Wood and his nervous nellie secretary Homer Ersktne. All are on their way from New York to Ames’ isolated country house, where the playwright is to read his latest work to the producer. Unfortunately, their auto skids off the road and hits a tree. The trio find refuge in the nearÂby house of Dr. Kent, whom Ames knows. Among the doctor’s guests are Ames’ fiancŽe Gloria Shaw, Terry Gray (who keeps coming on to Gloria despite her relationship with Ames) and Terry’s sister Beatrice. The latter is a psychic whose husband had been murdered exactly three years before. Various strange events begin occurring in the house, it soon becomes apparent that these happenÂings are meant to follow the action of Ames’ new play. However, reality quickly begins blending with fiction and the results are shrieks in the night and strange disappearances, moving bookcases and murder. If you blink you just might miss an important clue in this cleverly devised thrill-a- minute mystery. 66 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense