Ghoul, The

1578. THE GHOUL (1933-ENGLAND). WITH Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Richardson. Karloff is as creepy as ever in this atmospheric chiller. He’s cast as Professor Morlant, a deranged, dying Egyptologist who’s convinced that the Eternal Light, a jewel that was pilfered from a tomb, will allow him immortality. While on his deathbed, Morlant orders that “The Light” be placed in his coffin. His club-footed servant steals the gem before the burial, and the fun really begins when the professor rises from the dead and silently, ominously stalks about seeking revenge. Sir Cedric Hardwicke offers his usual workmanlike performance as the professor’s stuffy, greedy solicitor; Sir Ralph Richardson, one of Britain’s most distinguished character stage and screen stars for over 50 years, makes his celluloid debut in a small but key role as a parson who seems just a bit too concerned for the professor’s welfare; This, by the way, was KarloffÕs first starring film in his native England, which he had left 24 years before. 77 minutes Horror