Gladiators Of Rome

2950. GLADIATOR OF ROME (1962-ltaly) COLOR. With GORDON SCOTT. Rome during the time of the Emperor Caracalla is a city of many intrigues and conspiracies which ultimately are destined to threaten the very future of the mighty Empire. One day two Romans who are old friends meet in the slreet and go on to share a table in a tavern where they refresh themselves with wine and talk of old times. One soon reveals a deadly assignment he is compelled to carry out. He must kill a princess, by order of a king whom he had previously assisted in the defeat of a rival monarch. The princess had recently escaped from his clutches with help of a slave named Marcus, a valiant warrior with the strength of a superman who is aptly described as “a giant of a man who is worth his weight in gold.” Marcus has devoted himself to protecting the princess, who is living incognito with a patrician. He is the stalwart hero of this vibrant sword and sandal adventure. The complex and deeply involving story which follows includes much scheming and deception, swordplay and bloodletting. The action begins when Marcus and the princess are captured by her enemies, at which point they commence a perilous and event-filled journey. Dubbed in English. 100 minutes. Sword and Sandal