Godzilla Vs. The Cosmic Monster

1632. GODZILLA VS. THE COSMIC MONSTER (1974-Japan). COLOR. Godzilla, everybody’s favorite ferocious, fire-breathing lizard, has long been the feature attraction of countless Japanese made monster epics, and he’s at his most awesome in this solid entry in the series. Godzilla’s seeming appearance on the Japanese mainland comes as no shock: a young girl, the descendant of a royal family has predicted that a monster will set fire to her city. Furthermore, a mural painted on the walls of a recently unearthed cave tells of a prophecy relating to the upcoming arrival of a “large brown monster.’ Earthquakes then shake the world, volcanoes erupt – and Godzilla arrives on the scene. However, he is not the Real McCoy, but is instead a cyborg, made out of space metal: a sort of mega-Godzilla, more powerful and deadly than any other monster mankind has ever seen. He’s controlled by some evil spacemen, who’ve come from the Third Planet of the Black Hole to conquer Earth. No one is able to thwart this mighty creature, so it will have to be up to the real Godzilla to arise and save the day. The climactic battle between the good Godzilla and his evil alter ego is especially thrilling. Dubbed into English, 80 minutes. Science Fiction